Review of Mother Flipper - proper burgers at Kerb West India Quay - London

In case you didn't know - Kerb is a community of street food traders. It creates a place for traders of all backgrounds to serve up delicious food for us Londoners. There are currently 5 different locations across London. 

I paid a visit to the one at West India Quay recently to see what was on offer. There was about 10 stalls that day and I really was spoilt for choice. Normally, I'd probably based my decision on which stall had the most people around it. This tactic didn't work here - because every stall had a queue! So that pretty much sums up how popular the Kerb is. 

As it was a Friday, I decided to treat myself to a nice juicy burger from Mother Flipper. There were 5 different burgers on offer that day, all sounding really good. But as it was my first time trying their stuff, I decided to play safe and go with their Mother Flipper Cheese Burger. a friendly guy takes your order and hands you a little ticket with your order number. Don't lose this! There's about a 5 - 10 minute wait for your order, and they'll shout out your number when it's ready. 

As I was waiting, I watched them hard at work preparing everyone's orders. It's a pretty simple set up, yet well organised. Inside the small stall, there are 4 food preparing sections: 1. toasting the brioche buns, 2. frying the fries, 3. grilling the burgers, 4. building the burgers. With a person at each section, it meant the food was prepared smoothly and efficiently. A good kitchen always impresses me, so I was super excited when I finally got my order. 

Mother Flipper Cheese Burger (£6.00) - The burger was simply garnished with ketchup, mustard, gherkin and lettuce. Simple flavours that complimented the cheese and beef patty really well. Although the burger looked well done, it was actually really moist and juicy. I think having simple condiments meant you can appreciate the flavour of the patty itself. The brioche bun itself was also really fluffy - not stodgy like some burger buns can be. Although it's not the best burger I've had, it was still a pretty decent one. I'll definitely be back to give their Candy Bacon (maple fried bacon)Flipper a go though! 

Hand Cut Fries (£2.00) - The fries I won't be trying again though. As you can see from the picture, rather than getting fries, I got mostly little crispy bits. Either it was bad luck, or Mother Flipper's fries really are like that. 

Overall, I'd recommend Mother Flipper. It was a pretty decent burger and it was really filling! Nice friendly staff too. With a water view to have lunch at, who wouldn't want to be there!  


Address: Kerb - West India Quay - Hertsmere Road E14

Opening Times: Friday 11:30am - 2pm