I deleted all my games

As with most millennials, I like to play games on my phone. Favourites include cooking, puzzle, coin and racing games, even that game involving sweets and gummy bears.


I’d play the games on my phone whenever I got the chance  - commuting, lunch breaks, toilet break, if I’m eating alone, before I go to sleep, when I wake up… basically whenever I had the chance.


But I recently realised I was spending too much time playing these games. It had become an addiction. A hindrance to my daily life. I would spend hours playing and not get anything done.


So I decided to delete all the games off my phone. My aim is to use the time that I’ve gained back to focus on the more important things in life.


I recently had a conversation with a friend where I was counting my blessings that I had a stable 9 to 5 job which allowed me to have a good work life balance. I was happy that I had the time to do all the things that I wanted to do. In response, she said:

but it’s what you do with that time that counts

She has a point. And it made me realise that I wanted to find my purpose in life again, and see how I can bring joy to others. The best way I can think of is through my writing.


For a long time now, I’d lost my focus on The Greedy Panda. I was too busy trying to chase the views and likes that I forgot the purpose of it, and I let myself get down when I didn’t see the numbers I wanted. So by deleting the games off my phone I’m giving myself the chance to refocus and to remind myself of the purpose of The Greedy Panda…


To share my thoughts through my writing and to inspire others.