Review of Shibuya Soho in London - Japanese restaurant with yummy desserts

Shibuya Soho is located on Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s Chinatown. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. But once you’re inside, you’re greeted with the hustle and bustle of a busy Japanese restaurant. Although Shibuya Soho serves dishes that you’d find in most Japanese restaurants like sushi and katsu curry, it’s probably best known for their desserts. So after a meal in Chinatown with my friend, that’s exactly what we did!

First up, the Strawberry Cake. Look how perfect it looks!

Shibuya Soho, London - Strawberry Cake

Shibuya Soho, London - Strawberry Cake

A perfect combination of soft fluffy sponge, smooth whipped cream and sweet pieces of fresh strawberries. This was a simple yet elegant piece of cake. I really liked that it wasn’t too sweet and all the flavours were perfectly balanced. If you’re looking for something without too many complex flavours, then this is probably something for you.

Second, we tried what’s probably the one thing you have to go to Shibuya Soho for – the bingsu! Bingsu is actually a Korean dessert and is made up of finely shaved ice, topped with all kinds of toppings. We opted for the classic matcha and red bean bingsu.


There’s a massive machine at the front of the restaurant, which Shibuya Soho uses to shave their ice. The ice is also combined with a mixture of milk and condensed milk – so it’s all nice and fluffy! There’s quite a few flavours to choose from at Shibuya Soho and some come in a small and large size.

Each bingsu is served with a separate cup of condensed milk. I like to drizzle some before I tuck in. But I’ll also save some to have with the leftover ice at the bottom after I’ve eaten all the toppings!

To go with my desserts, I also had a pot of the Genmai Tea (roasted brown rice and green tea). Served in a cute little pot and with a roasted pea pod!


I think Shibuya Soho is a good place for dessert in Soho, especially if you want something different to the Chinese bakeries, or bubble tea. Make sure you’re not afraid of rubbing shoulders with strangers though, space is scarce here. Service can also be a little slow too, but I guess we can forgive them since the desserts are so good. I’m told Shibuya Soho serves up some pretty decent sushi too. So I guess that means I need to go back soon!


Address: 110 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EJ

Phone: 020 7439 8393

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday - 12pm to 10:30pm