Review of BBQ Dreamz - a must try Filipino food stall!

BBQ Dreamz serves up yummy grub inspired by the Philippines. I have to admit, prior to seeing BBQ Dreamz at Kerb, I hadn’t had any contact with Filipino food. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

That is until I saw this:


Yea that’s right – chunks of pork belly being grilled until crispy!

So I joined the queue of eager office workers:


I mean, with a queue this long, it must be good right? When I got to the front, I ordered a box of the Crispy Baboy (£7.50) - containing pork belly and served with jasmine rice, sesame green bean salad, pickled cucumber and a coriander dressing.


When I started tucking in, I instantly realised how great it was! All the juices from the pork belly and the dressing had been soaked up by the jasmine rice lining the box. The pork belly was super crispy and so flavourful – really tender too! The coriander dressing was fragrant and a little spicy. I loved the pickled cucumber too, it’s sharpness really helped to cut through the richness of the pork belly.

So you can tell this little box was packed full of flavours. I ate everything in that box – right down to the last grain of rice! Totally worth falling asleep at my desk afterwards haha!

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