Review of Amorino's hot chocolate experience

Following my Ferrero Rocher chocolate experience, I was pretty in much in hunt of the next. So when I found out about the Amorino hot chocolate experience, I just had to get myself down there straight away! 

When they call it "experience", they genuinely mean it. Beautifully presented on a wooden board are:

Large cup of your chosen flavoured hot chocolate

A small cup of whipped cream

A chocolate wafer biscuit

A cup of nocciolini

A chocolate ice cream macaron

A large dark chocolate cube

You can watch Amorino's video on their facebook page for a suggested way of enjoying this chocolate experience. But really, it's up to you! So I just played around with everything. 

First up, I started with the hot chocolate. It's really thick, just like how the Spanish have theirs. It was also piping hot and not luke warm like how most common coffee chains serve theirs. Out of the 10 flavours to choose from, I opted for the gianjuda, because I love praline - and yea, this pretty much was like drinking liquid praline!  I decided to add shavings of the dark chocolate cube to my hot chocolate too. 

Next I dug into the cup of cream, with my chocolate wafer biscuit. Hmmmmm...... I think these pictures speak for themselves:

Next I tucked into my cup of nocciolini. These are little biscuits made with meringue and hazelnut. The texture is like eating amaretti biscuits. I chose to chuck mine into the cup of chocolate to eat - so yummy!

Lastly I tucked into my ice-cream macoron. By this time, I was actually pretty full and wanted to take my macaron home to eat instead. Luckily my friend reminded me it was filled with ice-cream, otherwise I would've had a messy bag to clean up later! The macaron was a nice way to end the whole experience, as the cold ice-cream acts like a palette cleanser to cut through all that rich hot chocolate and cream. 

I had a really good time at Amorino, and thoroughly enjoyed this Hot Chocolate Experience. I'd like to make a special mention to our server Sandip, who was so caring and thoughtful towards me and my friends. They were only left with one board available to use that night. So in order to not make either of us feel left out, Sandip brought the sets out in the takeaway cups instead. But I asked him for the board because I wanted to take a picture, and he brought out clean cups and a fresh cup of cream for me too. He probably knew I was up to something, as when we left he says to me "I hope you give us a good review!" :)  If you're thinking about having this hot chocolate soon, it's only available at the following branches: Islington, Chelsea, Camden, Fulham Broadway, Soho and Covent Garden. So maybe whilst you're out and about shopping over the new year you can stop for this epic hot chocolate!